Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a formidable truck for the drivers and the best transport solution for hauliers that you can think of. They are efficient, very reliable, hard-wearing and their big cabin makes them a pleasure to drive. They have accurate steering behaviour that gives a good feeling for the road, low diesel consumption and consequently low costs per kilometre, the best driving characteristics and high reliability.
These trucks have polyester containers which make it possible to warm and/or cool the cargo and they also have FRC certification. A TRS system provides the cooling in the containers. The trucks also have tail lifts, air conditioning and a heater, a cooling tray and 27mc (CB) equipment, telephone and navigation. The cabins are comfortable, safe and have many features that enhance ease of operation.
They can also be supplied with Draco trailers which have FRC certificates and offer the possibility of warming and/or cooling the cargo. A Frigo Block or TRS system provides the cooling in the container.

Used trucks from 2015 to the present are available and it is also possible to purchase a brand new model from us.

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